Welcome to my personal page about my paper cuts, my books and myself.


I studied Arts at the university with the hope to become a rich and famous artist. Unfortunately I couldn`t earn enough with my art and so I became a teacher. From that point I started earning money but after a while I became sick by doing that job. 

At this point I decided to stop teaching and I moved to Umbria in Italy, the land of my dreams. I lived there together with my family, friends, cats, dogs and other animals from 1990 until 1998. The beautiful italian landscape and my many animals inspired me to create small and large works of art. 

I had some expositions in that time but I did not earn enough money, so I had to return to Germany and start working as a teacher again. As often as possible I still go back to Italy.  

Paper cuts

20 years ago my Brother brought me some filigree paper cuts from China. I liked them so much that I decided to create some of them by myself. 

Since I am an Artist and I got blessed with drawing talent, soon I've been able to start doing my first own papercuts. After a while they became larger and more complex. 

My pictures tell stories about this and other worlds. Mythical creatures from fairy tales, animals and plants are my favourite motives. 

You can see some of my paper cuts in my picture gallery.

Please contact me to buy original paper cuts or printed reproductions. You can also send a request for illustrations and commissioned works.